Let's see why guitarists have such a hard time with a traditional whammy bar:

They are a pain to set up - Unless you have a guitar tech, or extensive knowledge about setting up a guitar with a trem (especially a floating trem) you are in for a treat. It can be very tricky to set one up without creating tuning issues. Even changing strings becomes a major issue for many guitarists. 
Tuning Issues – Mechanical whammys are legendary for creating tuning problems.  One dive-bomb and you’re are out of tune on a typical whammy, even a "locking-trem" system. These are more reliable but tedious to manage and setup unless you have really good skills.

3.  Wear and Tear – guitar strings are pretty abrasive and under a lot of tension. They’ll slice through your nut and bridge saddles over time. Add in the stress on the guitar neck as the strings change tension while you dive-bomb. It’s all hard work for the neck, body and mechanics - so don’t try it on an acoustic.   P.s. Your strings don’t like it either. 

You can't have multiple types of whammy bars.  A locking-style trem like a Floyd Rose™ doesn’t sound like a vintage "Flutter" style of trem like a Bigsby™. You’re locked into whatever kind is fitted to your guitar. Forever.

We’ve refined our technology and added some cool features to Virtual Jeff PRO
.  Along the way, we solved all the setup, tuning and wear problems of legacy mechanical whammys. We’re excited to show you how and why they’ll never be a problem with Virtual Jeff PRO in our video coming soon. 

In the meantime, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the ongoing support. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know here. We aim to respond to every single one as we value our customers and their opinions.